Available Rats/Nursery

⭐️ Hello all! We have an  Adoption Policy Change Announcement! As well as a little update on litters! ⭐️

*Starting June 1st, we will be switching our adoption process to “first come, first serve” to application approved adopters(if we have not spoken, please be in touch to check the status of your application) The only exclusion to this would be if you specifically reach out *in advance* to be put on a waitlist for a specific litter....in that case I will reach out to you first, before posting the babies available to the public. I will be giving announcements in advance on our social media so that you can be on the look out for posted available babies!

🟢Current litters/upcoming litters:🟢

  • BirchxAsh =All reserved
    ArielxAsh = All Reserved
    GemmaxAsh = 2 boys still available! 
  • PoppyxPonga = Next litter planned
    Flower x Charming = Next litter planned
  • Sprout x Royal = Next litter planned

Thank you all for your patience ❤️



Planned Litters:


Birch x Charming (final litter)

Nova x Charming


Marble Pairings




    If interested, please let us know and fill out an application! 

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