Price List and Policies

Adoption Pricing and Process:

  • ”Standard” Markings/Colors and Coat Type are $25
  • Silvermane Coats and Rexoid coats (Rex/TeddyRex/Velveteen) Coat types are $35
  • Pearl, Himi/Siamese, Russian Blue, and Spotted Tabby’s are $30
  • Hairless/Double Rex are $40 
  • ALL Rexoid type Silvermanes are $45
  • When adopting a pair, a $5 discount is applied. 
  • When adopting 3 pups, a 10$ discount is applied to total, and when adopting 4 or more,  15$ discount is applied to total
  • (A 5$ discount is also applied to past/returning adopters - in addition to the previously mentioned discounts)
  • Pups will be available to be “picked out” after they have been finally temperament tested at  6 weeks of age.  A deposit of half the total is required to hold your pick.
  • At 6-8 weeks they will be ready for their new homes!

  • All accessories from our accessory shop are 30% off to all adopters!

(If you are interested, please fill out an application)





  • Deposits of half the total price are required to hold Pups until pick up.  Deposits are non-refundable, UNLESS something were to happen to rat or it is no longer able to be adopted out.
  • Our adoption process is as followed:

Once your application is completed and approved, you will be added to our waitlist to pick out babies. Once litters are available, I will reach out to each interested adopter, in the order that applications were filled, to pick out babies.  Deposits must be paid in order to hold your rat(s) until pick up  

  • LWR is a “closed Rattery”. That means we do not have adopters come to our location to protect the safety and health of the animals.  Pick ups are done at a meeting place.  And we are more than happy to share photos, videos, and updates with potential adopters!
  • In some cases, We are willing to drive certain distances for pickups. Anything more than approximately 30minutes will be charged a transport fee. ($15 for 30-45minutes of travel, $20 for an hour).  We will ONLY travel for meets that are more than an hour is we have 3+ adopters coming from that specific area.  
  • We require that you have an appropriate form of transportation at pick up, such as a closed, breatheable container, or a small pet carrier or cage. If you would like recommendations for an appropriate carrier (or any other supply), please fill free to reach out!

  • Our offspring are sold as pets only.  If you are interested in breeding stock, we are more than happy to discuss further details or give recommendations.


As of March of 2021, our rattery has been tested NEGATIVE for known threatening viruses that rats are prone to carrying. This was done through Charles River Laboratory.   Our rattery will remain "closed" to insure no possibility of those viruses making their way in.

  • If you are no longer able to care for your rats, we are more than happy to take them back to our rattery.  In most cases, a refund is not issued.  If you rat(s) have come into contact with other exotics (other rats, mice, rabbits, etc), we are NOT able to welcome the individuals back into our rattery.  This is for the health and safety of our permanent residents, litters, and offspring. We will not risk bringing a contagious illness into the rattery.
  • Rats are social animals that live in social structures, so rats will not be adopted out singly unless you already own rats of the SAME SEX.  Please provide proof :)
  • I reserve the right to deny adoption to anyone if any problems are found. 

  • Our rats are available as pet only. Absolutely no offspring will be sold as feeders.